Glover’s Reef, about 30 miles offshore of Hopkins, is a World Heritage Site. If visibility is good, the guides like to dive a site called “the Pinnacles” which has big coral heads rising up 40 feet or more from the sea floor. Second and third dives are on the east side of the atoll where the water depth quickly drops off to more than 2,000 feet and visibility is usually over 100 feet.

You will dive several sites on this side of the atoll and usually dive Long Caye Wall – a world-class dive that is always memorable. You then head into a big field of bright white sand at 40 feet, home to southern stingrays and garden eels. While descending you can spot garden eels slowly dropping into their holes. As you approach the wall running the length of the sandy area, it looks like the coral is growing out of the sand bottom; truly unique and stunning! See mini-canyons, and follow the top of the wall at the drop off, where the depth is more than 2,000 feet, all the while exploring the sand channels for fish and other marine life.

Gear Rental Not Included

Depart: Leaves at 7:45 am
Length: 2 tank reef dive, approx. 5 hours
Dive Depths: Depends on dive master & site
Recommended to Bring: Bottled water, sunscreen, bug repellent, cap or hat, sunglasses, long pants, t-shirt and long sleeved shirt, camera, binoculars, swimsuit, beach towel and extra (dry) clothes for the end of your day.


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