Cockscomb Jaguar Preserve

You will set out from Villa Verano and proceed by car through pristine wetlands to the Southern Highway. On most days, the air will be clear enough to see the majestic spire of Victoria Peak and the distant Maya Mountain Range.


Departing after breakfast, you will pass through Hopkins Village and connect with the Southern Highway, heading toward the Maya Mountains which are visible in the distance. After a short drive, you arrive at Mayflower Bocawina National Park where your guide will lead you briefly through an uncovered Mayan ruins site, which has several ceremonial mounds as well as an ancient ball court.


Monkey River is one of Belize’s major waterways. Two water courses join to form the Monkey River: the northern headwaters, Swasey Branch, originating in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary and the more southern, Baiden Branch water course, draining from the eastern slopes of the Mayan Mountains.

Bocawina Zip Line

The longest zip line in Belize, Bocawina is located in the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, just a 45 minute drive from Villa Verano. The tour includes transportation, park entry fees, expertly trained guides, equipment and refreshments. Once fitted with your harness and safety equipment you will hike to the first of twelve platforms varying in height from several feet to over 50 feet.

“ATM” Cave Adventure

The “ATM” cave (Actun Tunichil Muknal) cave is located near the center of the country. Made famous by National Geographic & Discovery channels who filmed the cave in recent years, this cave is one of the most popularly visited and requested cave expeditions in Belize. Driving from Villa Verano up the Hummingbird Highway towards San Ignacio, your driver will turn off at the roadside village of Teakettle onto a dirt road for a few miles.


The “Mother of all Caves”, Actun Loch Tunich! Leaving Villa Verano and enjoying the hour or so drive along the Hummingbird Highway, this tour starts from Caves Branch River with a vigorous hike into the foothills of the Maya Mountains. The edge of Actun Loch Tunich sink hole (known as a cenote) sits over 300 feet above the basin below and 200 feet above the rainforest canopy that now consumes the cenote basin.


Leaving Villa Verano, the drive is just over an hour to Caves Branch River, where your guide will lead you to the mouth of an extraordinary series of caves. This tour combines cave tubing and cave exploration. These caves are mind boggling in their scope of well preserved artifacts with ancient Maya ceremonial centers, pottery, alters, obsidian blood letting blades, jade and the actual footprints of the Shaman and Priests, dated to 400 A.D.,- a veritable living museum where the past can still be experienced in its natural location.


Waterfalls, waterfalls and more waterfalls! Hundreds of feet under the limestone mountain ridge above, explore this river cave system with six waterfalls. Your rigorously trained guides will assist you in rappelling up the waterfalls, crawling through cave tunnels and exploring awesome caverns. Spectacular crystal formations loom from above and ancient Maya ceremonial centers are hidden in side chambers as you explore this mist shrouded kingdom.

St. Herman’s Cave Tubing

This tour starts with a scenic hour drive through the Hummingbird Highway, upon reaching the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park. After a short walk through the jungle you will arrive at the entrance of St. Herman’s cave.

Cayo Mayan Ruins: Xunantunich

Your day begins with a 2.5 hour drive up the Hummingbird & Western Highways into Belize’s western district. The Hummingbird Highway is considered Belize’s most scenic drive, winding its way through the Maya Mountains. On our journey we will pass many small villages as well as the nation’s capital, Belmopan, and the bustling market town of San Ignacio which sits high above the Macal River.


This tour travels to the southernmost district of Belize, the Toledo District, often called the “forgotten district” because of its remote villages and laid back life style. The drive to Toledo is about 1.5 hours with exceptional sightseeing along the way.


Located just twenty five minutes from Villa Verano, an exceptional experience is waiting upon you! Visit Che’il Mayan Chocolate factory and farms located in Maya Centre Village for a delicious experience. The tour starts with how chocolate starts – at the farm!


The culture immersion tour takes place right in Hopkins Village and offers a great experiential learning experience. The tour starts with dressing in traditional Garifuna outfits which really gets you in the mood to work and learn. The owner, Uwahnie Martinez, of Palmento Grove brings you to her gallery of Garifuna artifacts where she gives you an overview of the history and culture of the Garinagu.

Marie Sharp Pepper Sauce Factory Tour

If you love hot sauce, then this tour is for you. This half day tour takes you on a 30 minute drive to the infamous Marie Sharp Factory. This small factory has about 25 workers and you will have an opportunity to see the entire process of the products, from the chopping of the ingredients to the bottling and packaging.


This session is conducted by Mrs. Aurora Saqui, a well-known Maya healer and artist who was an apprentice of her uncle, the late Don Eligio Panti. She has been successfully treating people for many years at the H’Men Herbal Center located in Maya Centre.


At daybreak your guide will pick you up from Villa Verano for the short drive to Toucan Sittee, a small guest house on the banks of Sittee River. Toucan Sittee boasts habitat that attracts a unique variety of bird species including aracari, parrots, toucans and parakeets. While viewing bird life, your hosts serve a delicious breakfast including fresh fruit, juice, coffee, and freshly baked pastries.


Leaving Villa Verano at daybreak, your half hour drive down the Southern Highway takes you to the Mayan village of Red Bank. It is here you enter the forest with eyes and ears alert for the stunning scarlet macaw.

Outback Trails

Ride well-trained horses on the trails where the Maya once ruled and view the tropical jungle with our trained guides. We offer friendly horses and a short riding lesson before setting off into the wilds of southern Belize. Our half day tour begins with a brief ride through a fragrant orange grove. The trail continues into the mysterious greenery of the tropical rain forest.

Banana Bank Equestrian Center

You will depart Villa Verano and head west toward the capital of Belize, Belmopan. After an hour and half through scenic Belize, you will reach the Banana Bank Equestrian Center. The Center boasts well-kept mixed breed horses, raised on the property. Banana Bank provides hands-on experience interacting with the horses, creating the opportunity to hear these horses “whisper”.

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