Let’s go fly a kite – up to the highest height! Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring! – Mary Poppins Soundtrack

While kites can been seen soaring in the skies of many communities throughout Belize this time of year, our favorite spot to ‘go fly a kite’ is on the beach in Hopkins, with the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.

Kite-flying is a local tradition throughout Belize, passed from generation to generation. The best part of this tradition is that it is a family activity. Kites are homemade, constructed by children, usually with the supervision of their more experienced elders. The most popular month of the year for flying kites is March, with perfect weather conditions – sunny skies and windy days.

Kicking off kite-flying month, our 11th Annual Hopkins Kite Fest was held on Saturday, March 7. The children in the village build homemade kites using a combination of natural and man-made materials. They use parts of the coconut tree, along with tissue paper, plastic, white glue, sticks and knotted pieces of cloth tails to the construct the kits. The festival features kite-making and kite-decorating workshops that help the children to get their kites just right for the kite-flying competition. Prizes are given in several categories, including the most creative kite and highest flying kite (in adult and kids categories). Prizes are awarded for winners in each category. Each child participant receives a gift item of school supplies.

Look out for our next annual Kite Fest in March 2016! Join the fun in Hopkins, Belize.

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