“The Queens” Reconnect by Celebrating Together in Faraway Lands

Imagine getting together with a group of your girlfriends to celebrate important milestones.  What better way to recharge and reconnect than to escape to faraway lands with your best buddies? We were honored to host “The Queens” earlier this month. Their vibrancy and enthusiasm for life inspired us, so we had to share their story.

The Queens BZE Julie, Susie, Mischele, Paige, Elizabeth, Gina, Cat, Darla, Trisha, Kit, Cheryl, Anne

Cat and Kitty have been friends literally their whole lives. They started traveling together the summer after their senior year in high school and backpacked throughout Europe. They have visited about 30 countries together. When they obtained “real jobs”, they started organizing trips with groups of women comprised of family and friends. To this day, they plan all the trips. They started renting vacation homes in tropical locations, beginning with the first house rental in 2006. Since then, they have gone on five such trips together, once every 2-3 years. The traveling started as a girls trip of 6 women, then grew to a group of 11 to celebrate when Cat made partner at a law firm.  After that, they were hooked and continued looking for reasons to celebrate their lives and friendships. Milestone birthdays became the primary “reason” used to schedule the next trip.

Even though it is a core group of friends, the guest list is adjusted, and attendees live in cities across the US and Canada. Ranging in age from 36 to 50 years, “The Queens” also range in professions. The group includes a doctor, dentist, nurse practitioner, nurses (E.R., cancer treatment, pediatric), lawyers, judge, I.T. consultant, project managers, small business owners, teachers, human resource directors, and executive leaders in training and development.

For the trip to Villa Verano, Belize, there were a total of 12 Queens in attendance. They were Cat, Anne, Julie, Kit, Gina, Cheryl, Paige, Darla, Susan, Mischele, Elizabeth, and Trisha. The group has travelled throughout the Caribbean, and was so impressed with Villa Verano and Belize that for the first time ever, they are considering returning to the same location, our location. When asked what they loved most about Belize they told us:

The blend of beach and jungle, the laid back atmosphere, the people, the water, the laughter, the food!

Arts by Alex, Mischele, Julie, Anne. Elizabeth, Trisha, Gina, Paige, Darla, Cheryl

What did they love most about Villa Verano?

The laid back atmosphere, the “all inclusive” like amenities with the privacy of a home. We loved the people, the water, the laughter, the food (yes, all the same things)!  We’ve stayed in a range of luxury villas, ranging cliff side to water front; small places, big places.  What we loved about Villa Verano was the community space. That we were all “together” but also had our own “space”. Loved, loved, loved Miss Gloria and the girls. Waking up was actually OK on this vacation to coffee and smiles and fabulous breakfasts!

The Queens also participated in our Pack for A Purpose Program. They brought along a generous donation amounting to approximately 60 pounds of school supplies as well as medical supplies for the Humane Society. The Hopkins community and Villa Verano are sincerely grateful for this donation.


Are you inspired by “The Queens”? To schedule your girls getaway, contact us. We will customize a vacation that is tailored to your needs.

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