Top 3 Reasons to Travel with your Family for Summer 2016

Even though it might have its challenges, traveling with your kids, in-laws, parents, siblings, grandkids, or other family members can be an enriching experience. Many families seek togetherness and long to improve family communication and bonding. Traveling together to a faraway place is one sure way to build family connections. At Villa Verano, we can accommodate up to 38 people in ten luxurious rooms, allowing ample space for families to spread out comfortably in an intimate environment. Our gorgeous beachfront pool is the perfect spot to relax and unwind.

Here are our top 3 reasons to travel with your family this summer.

(1) Summer is the Season to De-stress

Most families have one thing in common: stress! Whether its balancing home and work responsibilities, dealing with deadlines, running errands, shuttling kids to their activities or carrying out household duties, our daily lives are riddled with stress. How can we expect to have meaningful connections with our family members in this high-stress environment? Simple answer…we can’t. ‘Stress’ becomes ‘distress’ when we don’t take a moment of relief. Since the kids are out of school, summer is the best time to break away from the daily routine. Lazy summer days are the best days to give ourselves the relief we need to maintain good health and loving relationships. At Villa Verano, we’ll take care of all the details so that you can focus on strengthening the bonds with your loved ones.

(2) Summer Savings

With Villa Verano’s discounted packages and special promotions, your family’s dream vacation can become an affordable reality. The summer months are considered “off-season” in Belize, so rates are generally lower than in “high-season” months. If you are looking for savings, the summer is the perfect time to travel…and summer weather is just as nice in Belize! Some current promotions include a complimentary Chocolate Tour for summer bookings and free ground transfers for groups through May. Look out for new and ongoing promotions throughout the summer.

(3) New Experiences without the Hustle and Bustle

Taking time together to share new experiences and engage in life-changing activities creates memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. Younger family members who connect with grandparents will learn valuable lessons, and hear stories about times past…and not to mention the joys those special interactions bring to grandma and grandpa. In Belize, there are so many adventures to choose from. Half day or full day excursions are available for families to explore Belize’s jungles, reefs and rivers. These once-in-a-lifetime experiences are priceless. The best part is that during the summer, there are less travelers, giving the feeling of exclusive access to nearby sites and attractions. In general, there is less ‘hustle and bustle’ in the off-season.

For families or any type of group events, including weddings, retreats or small meetings, Villa Verano is the ideal spot.  Guests have exclusive access to the many private amenities and personalized services offered at the villa, including Wi-Fi throughout, private chef, and customized meal plans. Villa Verano: the ultimate luxury vacation, within your family’s reach.

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