At Villa Verano, every guest is special…but there’s something about brides…

Meet Stacie…she had just arrived in Belize for her dream destination wedding…her fiance was at her side, and her closest family and friends were onboard. The couple and their guests had arranged a special transfer. We met them at the international airport, then escorted them from Belize City to Hopkins by boat. It was a lovely afternoon cruise – the perfect way to get acquainted with Belize’s Caribbean coast…guess what she had in hand…her most prized possession…THE DRESS!

When the group arrived in Hopkins, the luxurious Villa Verano and its team awaited them…the entire home was theirs…imagine…a week in this intimate setting…where the bride and groom could share special moments with their family and friends…with personalized detailed service…on a beautiful stretch of beach in southern Belize.

It was such a pleasure working with John and Stacie over the last several months leading up to their wedding week. They were careful about the details, as most couples are, and we enjoyed coordinating the 8 day/7 night itinerary for them and their family prior to their arrival.

The family’s Belize adventure included ziplining through jungle canopies, visits to ancient Mayan temples in western Belize, cave tubing in the Maya underworld, and snorkeling in the Caribbean waters off a catamaran. Exploring the many wonders of Belize’s natural environments brought the family closer, and created amazing connections.

Discovering Belize together has allowed for experiences beyond compare. They balanced good old-fashioned partying with learning and interacting with different cultures…a highlight was the Garifuna drumming lessons.

But the wedding…what a lovely wedding.

Mrs. Felina Casimiro, owner of Hopkins Weddings, is Villa Verano’s professional wedding planner. Together with Villa Verano management and staff, the wedding planning team handled all the requirements including the marriage license application procedures, flowers, decorations, cake, photographer and entertain

The wedding was perfect…the couple and their guests enjoyed every moment, with a range of emotions…

And the highlight of the evening? Surprise fireworks was Stacie’s birthday gift to John! The next morning, John said, “This was the best wedding I’ve ever attended!”

But every fairytale does come to an end…after a week of love and adventure, the family departed on the same boat they arrived on, but rich with new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Villa Verano’s team, in partnership with our experienced wedding planning partner, knows how to deliver on the most intricate wedding requests. We invite you to say “I do” in Hopkins, Belize, on the beach at Villa Verano

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