The Garinagu People Celebrate with the Wanaragua or Jankunu Dance

If you haven’t seen the Wanaragua or Jankunu Dance, watch this captivating VIDEO now. The Garinagu people of Belize celebrate the Christmas and New Year’s holidays with this traditional performance, which is an imitation of the European slave masters, dating way back to when the Garifuna inhabited Saint Vincent, and resisted attacks from British colonizers.

Locally called the Jankunu Dance, the Wanaragua is accompanied by skillful Garifuna drumming, and dancers typically move from one location to the other visiting, entertaining and celebrating. The brightly colored Wanaragua costume includes a painted face mask, ribbons criss-crossing the chest, and tiny shells that are strung to the knees. The drumbeats and dance moves mesmerize onlookers. If you have the opportunity to witness this, don’t miss it!

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