Villa Verano is now a proud member of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers to make a lasting impact in the communities of their travel destinations. By saving just a few pounds or kilos of space in your suitcase, you can bring needed supplies for community chosen projects. This initiative allows travelers to make priceless impacts in the lives of local children and families around the world, and Villa Verano is proud to be a participant on behalf of the Hopkins community. Travelers to Hopkins can choose to bring either school supplies for the primary school in the village, Holy Family Roman Catholic School or animal supplies for the Hopkins branch of the Belize Humane Society (HBHS). To help you decide exactly what to pack, please visit this page on the Pack for a Purpose website, which lists the supplies that are needed:

Last month, a couple honeymooning at Villa Verano brought over twenty pounds of school supplies for Holy Family Primary School. The honeymooners learned about Villa Verano’s involvement with Pack for a Purpose and took the initiative to ask wedding guests to donate school supplies. The supplies were well received by the school and very much appreciated. In the short time Villa Verano has been members of Pack for a Purpose, its guests have contributed over 35 pounds of school supplies! Small Space, Little Effort, Big Impact! Our guests often comment about how good it feels to connect with residents of the village, and experience first-hand the genuine hospitality and friendliness of Belizeans.

Pack for a Purpose Philosophy

The mission of Pack for a Purpose is to positively impact communities around the world by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit. There is need everywhere in the world; however, it is sometimes difficult to identify specific needs in places far from home. We believe people fortunate enough to travel to other countries often wish they could make meaningful contributions to help meet the needs of the places they visit. Such contributions are one way of expressing appreciation for the experiences and hospitality they enjoyed in other lands. Our goal is to assist travelers who want to say thank you in this manner or who simply want to expand their generosity beyond their own communities. The supply lists for destinations on our website are provided directly by the local community-based projects which receive and use the supplies, enabling travelers to make informed decisions and to bring items which meet the needs of those who will be using them.

Please visit for more details.

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