Happy Garifuna Settlement Day Belize

Villa Verano wishes all a Happy Garifuna Settlement Day, celebrated in Belize on November 19th. The Garinagu are descendants of African, Carib and Arawak people, and are one of Belize’s main ethnic groups. Every year, Belizeans celebrate the first arrival and settlement of the Garinagu in Belize. According to history, a dory or a dugout canoe carrying a group of Garinagu arrived in then British Honduras on November 19th, 1802. 

Photo courtesy Hopkins UnCut

Every year on this day, early in the morning, people partake in yurumei, which is a reenactment of the first arrival. Other Garifuna Settlement Day festivities include drumming, dancing, prayers, parades, re-enactments and pageants in many areas throughout the country. November is the best time of year to highlight the music, dance, fashion, language and rich Garifuna heritage that UNESCO has proclaimed as a “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.”

Photo Courtesy Hopkins UnCut

Located in the heart of the Garifuna village of Hopkins, Villa Verano is the perfect base for visitors to immerse themselves in the Garifuna culture. For an authentic, cultural tour, guests must try the Garifuna Cultural Immersion Tour where you will have the opportunity to wear traditional clothes, husk coconuts, learn how to make hudutu and try your hand with the Garifuna beats and rhythms. We can help you plan your entire Belize getaway. If you would like to receive more information on visiting Belize, including travel specials, subscribe to our mailing list. We are ready to answer any questions you have, and assist you with your travel plans.


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