Celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day 2017 with Special Belizean Rates

Photo courtesy Hopkins UnCut

We know you want to be where the action is for Garifuna Settlement Day 2017. If you’re looking for the perfect balance between authentic Garifuna culture and luxurious accommodations, Villa Verano is the place. This year, the holiday falls on a Monday, and Villa Verano is offering a 50% discount off room rates for Belizeans and residents of Belize for the entire weekend. The special discount is valid for any night’s stay between November 17 – 20, 2017. Book early while rooms are available.

No other time of year is better to experience the lively Garifuna culture than November. In Hopkins there is no shortage of drumming, dancing, parades and re-enactments that highlight the music, dance, food, fashion and language of our rich Garifuna heritage. On the morning of November 19th, Hopkins residents will commemorate the arrival of the Garinagu people by partaking in yurumei, a reenactment of the first arrival to Belize’s shores that occurred on the same day in 1802. This annual re-enactment is a highlight of this national holiday. But we know you’re really coming for the punta and paranda! There is a celebration on Friday night (the night before the 18th night), a celebration on the 18th night, and celebrations all day on the 19th. See details below. Don’t miss out!


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