Top 3 Tips for Planning Family Reunion Holidays

We all love the holidays…a chance to get together with the parents, the siblings, the in-laws and all the children. Sometimes, logistically, this beautiful idea can become a nightmare. But, imagine a luxurious beachfront villa in Hopkins, Belize with enough bedrooms, bathrooms and separate living spaces to provide peace, privacy and togetherness for the perfect family reunion…a neutral location, without cooking and cleaning duties, all under one roof. Welcome to Villa Verano!

Here are our top 3 tips for planning the perfect Family Reunion holiday:

(1) Reserve enough rooms

Sometimes, it’s tempting to think that you can save on accommodations by packing several people into one room. But, don’t skimp on accommodations. Everyone needs their own space and being on top of each other is a recipe for disaster. At Villa Verano, we have the perfect setup for families. Let the cousins bunk together, while the adults escape the madness. We can accommodate up to 38 people in ten spacious rooms, allowing families to spread out comfortably in an intimate environment. Nothing beats having the entire villa booked for one family. This guarantees complete exclusivity and full access to the entire property.


 (2) Get everyone involved

Set the tone of the reunion by getting everyone involved when they arrive. Someone (or a small group) needs to be in charge, so that everything can be properly communicated to the entire family. Pay attention to the details, like have a welcome banner, share an agenda of activities, or wear personalized reunion T-shirts. On the first day, plan a fun evening such as a bonfire or cultural evening. At Villa Verano, we can arrange a special dinner, and live performances by Garifuna drummers to help set the mood. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that everyone is together.


(3) Plan activities that can be enjoyed by everyone

When on a family vacation, it is understandable that different family members will have different levels of physical capabilities. Certain activities won’t suit the age of small children or the physical stamina of older family members. If tours and activities aren’t planned properly, they could end in frustration. At Villa Verano, we offer reef and rainforest tours that range in levels of difficulty. There are so many adventures to choose from, but our staff is ready to make recommendations. Organizing different tours based on individual interests is always recommended. The best part is that our property offers full services and amenities, so there’s still so much to do during “down time”.

With Villa Verano’s discounted packages and special promotions, your family’s dream vacation can become an affordable reality. From now through 2017, we are offering a 7th night free promotion for full villa rentals. Escape the winter and decompress after Christmas with a getaway to Villa Verano. Ask about our January and February specials on packages.

Taking time together to share new experiences and engage in life-changing activities creates memories that will be remembered for a lifetime. Give yourselves the gift of loving family relationships. We’ll take care of all the details so that you can focus on strengthening the bonds with your loved ones. Villa Verano: the ultimate luxury vacation, within your family’s reach.

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