One of the best ways to explore Hopkins a quaint village on the southeast coast of Belize is on a two wheeler. A ride around Hopkins with your travel side-kick is all you need. As a result, this mode of transportation allows you to be intimate with the destination. This mode of transportation also allows no barriers to mingle with the locals. Enjoy the attractions of this friendly village!

As you explore Hopkins which you will quickly find that it’s a destinations that offer friendly locals all around.  It offers the possibility to explore the village and stumble across various landmarks. Villa Verano gladly provides you with a guided bike tour to make your ride across town even more informative.

This is a sure way to meet locals as your Villa Verano guide, was born and raised in Hopkins. In addition, the tour can get very interesting as your guide will tell you stories of the people and the places. A few individuals are open to inviting you in their homes as they tell you a tale or two.

Mid-morning or mid-afternoon are the recommended times for your ride across town. Be sure to bring your sunhat, sunshades, water and sunscreen to ensure that you enjoy the scenic ride.

Check out the video above that will give you a better sense as to what a guided bike tour is like. All you need to do is check with our front desk and we will gladly arrange a ride around Hopkins and other Hopkins tours.

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